The prize list for the SFP 48th Annual Show is now available on our Shows page.  The show will be held June 6-7, 2015 at the lovely Gilroy Gaits facility.


The CDS Junior/Young Rider Clinic in the North will be held June 19-21, 2015 at Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center in Elk Grove. The clinician is Charlotte Bredahl.
All SFP Juniors/Young Riders  interested in participating in this Clinic should send an e-mail to Gigi Noerr at requesting their name be added to the drawing. We will draw a name at our meeting on May 11.

The Awards Party has been rescheduled for March 8th, 2pm with a board meeting at noon.
880 Runnymeade Road, Woodside.

We are very sorry to say we are going to have to cancel the awards party and board meeting today due to the roads being slick and dangerous due to the weather.  Please stay safe out there!


2015 Rider Awards


Junior Champion: Lily Morgenthaler-68.86

Reserve: Hillary Griggs- Della- 67.462

AA Champion: Eileen Morgenthaler-Levitate-64.70

Reserve: Wiyanna Oakley- 63.71

Open Champion: Anja Pflanz-72.0

Reserve: Katie Hoefs Martin-68.83 -Argentum


1st Level

Junior Champion: Alanna Mitchell-68.26

Reserve: Hillary Griggs- Della-67.462

AA Champion: Keira Pride- Westbound-71.71

Reserve: Beth Taylor-69.74

Open Champion: Anja Pflanz-71.33

Reserve: Nicole Perry- Zabalia-69.02


Junior Champion: Arianna Barzman-Grennan – Patriot-65.69

Reserve: Alanna Mitchell-63.40

AA Champion: Pamela Bakar-61.69

Reserve: Barbra Watkins-61.667

Open Champion: Anja Pflanz -69.15

Reserve: Nicole Perry  -Da Lana-67.429


Junior Champion: Arianna Barzman-Gerenman -Patriot-64.447

AA Champion: Alix Curry- Don Federic-67.62

Reserve: Jennifer Shearer-68.43

Open Champion: Nicole Perry-Da Lana-66.43

Reserve: Joan Brennan Virtuosa Do Vouge-65.987


AA Champion: Alix Curry-Don Federic-67.62

Reserve: Bridget Walker-67.20

Open Champion: Petra Beltran- Arioso-63.714

Reserve: Rachel Williamson-Markant-63.25


AA Champion: Jennifer Shearer-67.763

Reserve: Alix Curry -64.63- Z

Open Champion: Jaclyn Meinen- Klicklat- 62.29


Open Champion: Rachel Williamson- Weltano-62.31

AA Champion: Alix Curry-Z-66.80

Reserve: Shae Lovazzano-65.75


Open Champion: Anke Herbert- De La Noche-68.44

Reserve: Avery Brown

AA Champion: Sheryl Ross-Lancaster-62.82


AA Champion: Tina Lovazzano-60.03

Open Champion: Avery Brown

Reserve: Nicole Prows-61.45

GP Freestyle AA Champion: Tina Lovazzano-62.43

Junior Champion- Lauren Mack-67.562

1st Level Freestyle AA Champion- Amanda Apesos-67.88

Reserve- Sheila Hatch-66.17

SFP Awards Party

January 13, 2015

The SFP Awards Party will be held on Sunday, Feb 8 at 2pm, at NCEFT, 880 Runnymeade Road, Woodside.  There will be a Board Meeting at 12 noon. Please join us in celebrating another successful year!  Light refreshments will be served.  Check out the flyer below.

Awards Party Flyer

We are pleased to announce the return of the Centerline newsletter, available here:


This month’s issue includes Q&A’s with SFP trainers, clinic reports from the Major Miguel Tavora clinic, amd handy articles such as stretching and “Test Tips” to help improve your riding and showing.

We’d love input from our chapter members – clinic reports, new horse brags, etc.  We want to hear what is going on in our chapter!  Also starting next issue will be our classifieds section, which will be free for chapter members and $5 for non-members.  Submit your ads!

Check out our new Pages!

November 30, 2014

Check out the new website features in the tabs above!

We have three new pages:

TRAINER SPOTLIGHT – Get to know the trainers in SFP!  Each month we will turn the spotlight on a trainer in our area.

CLINICS – featuring announcements and reports from clinics in our area

CALENDAR - Check out dates of events happening in our area.  If you have items you would like to add, please contact the Communications Chair listed on the left side of this page.

The new guidelines for Drugs and Medication for 2014 has just been released, effective December 1st.  Changes include the withdrawal practices following Intraarticular Injections and Shockwave Therapy as well as the administration of Therapeutic Fluids.  The full guidelines can be found at

In addition, there is a new online Medication Report Form for Therapeutic Administration of Forbidden Substances, which can be found at  This should make medication reporting easier.

Thank you, Arianna Barzman-Grennan for the great write-up!

On the weekend of October 11-12, I had the opportunity to participate in the CDS Northern JR/YR Clinic held at Starr Vaughn with David Wightman. It was a good learning experience and I certainly came away with new things to think about.

First I would like to say thank-you to Gigi Cunliffe for putting my name in for the clinic, and to the other chapters for organizing to put things together and arrange meals for the weekend. Thank-you also to Kristin Young for organizing it and to David Wightman for coming up to Elk Grove. I also need to thank Summer Hensley for encouraging me to do the clinic and thank my parents for making sure I can take advantage of opportunities like this.

The clinic began for the riders on Friday, and we all needed to be present at Starr Vaughn (if possible) by six in the evening for a pizza dinner and introduction. David was there and he talked briefly before we all introduced ourselves and our horses. He asked us to share our goals and what we were currently working on. He was very adamant that we have a goal, even if we feel that it isn’t something huge, but that we have something in mind when we work with our horses. The horse I am currently riding is named Patriot; he is a 17 year old, 17.1 hh Dutch gelding, and we showed Second and Third Level this season. My goal is to get my Silver Medal with him.

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